Skincare can be a real puzzle, can't it? We've all got our skin's unique story, and that's what makes us all one-of-a-kind. But here's the exciting part: while we can't change your skin's story, we sure can change how you play the skincare game.

We're talking about tossing out the old rulebook, rewriting the science, jazzing up the ingredients and shaking things up in our labs.

After some serious digging, we found a missing piece in the skincare puzzle - a special something just for those of you with youthful, vibrant skin. Get ready for a skincare revolution that's all about the magic of science and the power of mighty ingredients. Our products?

They're all about that good stuff dermatologist crafted with care to give your skin that real 'wow' factor.

Let's chat about the young guns, our teenage and twenty-something pals. Skincare can seem like a giant riddle, right? With a gazillion products out there, it's like trying to solve a mystery. The truth is, the skincare world hasn't quite caught up with what Generation Z needs. They're all about easy, effective, and no-nonsense skincare.

We're here to bring them exactly that - skincare that's fresh, efficient, and speaks their language.It's time to keep it real with skincare, and we're leading the way."

Sustainability & PET

‘Meau’ is proud to embrace sustainability by using PET recycled plastic material for our bottles and recyclable paper for our boxes.

How is PET Sustainable?

How is PET SustainablePET plastic is a sustainability champ because it's super recyclable. That means less new plastic made and fewer carbon emissions. It's all about recycling, reusing, and reducing waste – the circle of a greener world. 

At Meau, we're all about you. We're not just here to fix your skin; we're here to make a statement, community and values. Beyond skincare, We're on a non-stop eco-friendly and animal-loving journey with our vegan, squeaky-clean, paraben-free products. We keep it simple yet super effective, tailored for our unique ‘Meau Fam’. 

We're more than skincare; we're vibrant, bold, and socially conscious, redefining self-expression to celebrate your uniqueness. It's time to express yourself with confidence – welcome to the Meau skincare journey!


Experience the transformative 'Dilute_Me' hydrating cleanser, gel-based foaming essential with Hyaluronic Acid and Triple Ceramides


Transform your skincare with the 'Enable_Me' Serum. It's your all-in-one solution for radiant skin, simplifying your routine. Packed with triple ceramides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and alpha arbutin acid.


Nourish your skin with our Feed_Me a gel moisturizer. It's powered by a Triple Ceramide complex, Squalane, Niacinamide & Chamomile for strong skin protection and a radiant skin.